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Apuseni Experience

Contact:  Paul Iacobaș
Tel:         +40 (0) 359 410556
               +40 (0) 745 602301 / +40 (0) 747 962482
Fax:         +40 (0)259 472434


Standard and tailor-made tourist programmes: hiking and trekking, caving, biking, nature photography, flora observation, cross country skiing, folk creation camps and nature conservation projects.


The Apuseni Mountains / Western Carpathians: more than 100 nature reserves and protected areas: Apuseni Nature Park, Criș River Gorge Nature Reserve, Turzii Gorges, Scărița Belioara Nature Reserve, Highlands of the ancient "Motzi" population.

Seen from far, the Apuseni Mountains do not seem special at all. Their main attraction is not so much their height or imposing cliffs, as is the case of other Transylvanian mountains. The Apuseni first and foremost have a hidden interior richness - not only from the point of view of their beauty, but also from the point of view of their wealth of mineral deposits - gold, silver and other rare metals - and their many caves with impressive crystals.

Almost all their territory is made of limestone, which gives rise to a series of impressive karst phenomena. The karst itself, the human communities living in limestone areas, the subsequent local traditions and lifestyle, the dense forests still alive in spite of human activity, and clear mountain streams, are all but a few ingredients of a unique European landscape.

While travelling along the valleys and across the peaks of the Apuseni, you will have the chance to meet local people, engaged in their daily activities. You will be able to talk to them and maybe enjoy a meal together. Put simply, a trip in the Apuseni is an opportunity to discover another side of Romanian reality: that of authentic hospitality, honesty and wisdom, of a profound joy of living a simple but fulfilling life. You'll feel whole and at one with nature, close to the earth and to Mother Nature.


Throughout the year
Note: Apuseni Experience programmes pay special attention to the fact that some natural areas are sensitive to human impact, so visits to those areas need to be limited to certain times of year. This may cause minor modifications to certain trips.


At Apuseni Experience, we wish to share our knowledge and love of the Apuseni Mountains, of their history, culture and nature, while offering opportunities for the sustainable development of communities in this area.
Apuseni Experience is specialised in offering standard and tailor-made trips in the Apuseni Mountains, comprising activities such as:

  • theme-based outdoor hiking
  • hiking and trekking
  • flora and fauna observation
  • caving in the first network of show caves in Romania
  • nature photography - including underground
  • cultural routes in rural areas
  • caving in over 70 caves, with different degrees of difficulty
  • cycling tourism
  • cross-country skiing
  • winter hikes
  • rides in horse-carts or sledges
  • craft demonstrations


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